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Executive Business Administrator to COO

Location: Kirkland, WA
Hansell Tierney is helping our client with a direct hire search for an Executive Business Administrator. Our client is a small mission driven organization focused on solving global challenges such as global health, education, and energy.

Location - Greater Seattle Area
Duration - FTE

This new role will assist the Chief Operating Officer with core administrative functions.  This person will provide administrative support with a focus on management of daily administrative activities, procurement of supplies, maintenance of equipment, travel research and logistics, coordination with property management, and logistical coordination with internal and external partners. 
This role includes calendar administration, corresponding logistical support and document collection and/or preparation.  This position will also provide project support, conduct topic research, and build briefings. The role assists with preparation of all documents and materials as requested, all while exercising the highest level of professionalism and discretion. It will require the ability to manage multiple project deadlines, research and write briefing documents, help expand the reach and scope of the office of the Chief Operating Officer and coordinate closely with other teams.  Additionally, this position will serve as back up to our Administrative Concierge and possible other departments when needed.  
  • Provide administrative support to Chief Operating Officer and limited support to her Direct reports (Functional heads of IT, Finance and HR).
  • Provide routine notifications to several key business partners both internal and externally.
  • When appropriate serve as executives’ surrogate for related companies’ staff, communicating preferences and appropriate actions.
  • Liaison to other key stakeholders, relaying timely and critical information to/from the two executives as required.
  • Distribute appropriate communications to appropriate personnel for actions to be taken using good judgment and discretion in communicating sensitive information.
Office Administration, Planning and Workflow
  • Manage workload for the executives by screening and prioritizing correspondence, coordinating meetings, preparing briefing documents and arranging travel – while being receptive and responsive to facilitating last-minute changes with utmost confidentiality
  • Maintain rhythm of COO’s day by keeping his/her schedule on track and rescheduling as needed.
  • Prioritize incoming requests and stay on top of what’s happening in the moment to be able to adjust if something runs long or a late-breaking top priority item needs slotting-in
  • Optimize calendars for tomorrow/this week/next week/this month
  • Proactively anticipate and review next month/next quarter/longer-range plans
  • Everyday maintenance of day-to-day functional calendar.
  • Responsible for scheduling many routine appointments
  • Confirming all appointments on a daily basis
  • Strict adherence to all set standards for documents, communications and folders to ensure precision.
  • Coordinate and arrange meetings, reference agendas, and properly archive notes from meetings.
  • Maintain Contacts database in Outlook.
  • Coordination and cross-collaboration of multiple calendars with other team members.
Travel Administration and Event Planning
  • Research and book flights, hotels and ground transportation
  • Coordinate and communicate itineraries among travelers, ensuring minute-by-minute flow for all travel arrangements and meetings on the road
  • Be aware of the itinerary as it occurs in real time and be available to facilitate last-minute changes and requests
  • Maintain, monitor and update preferences regarding travel arrangements, routes, time schedules, fares, and types of accommodations. Keep current directory of supporting documentation.
  • Manage event logistics including developing agenda and meeting materials, coordinating meetings and travel, organizing dinners and events, and planning for audiovisual and other requirements to support presentations to target audiences
Correspondence and Time Management
  • Routinely flag inboxes for executives and schedule frequent conversations with both to review follow-ups/deliverables/requests for time
  • Identify opportunities to delegate requests and get people what they need quickly
  • Ensure laser focus on what the executives need to attend to in the moment
Project Management
  • Work closely with the COO, facilities
Accounting and Reporting
  • Reconcile charges made to corporate cards
  • Process cash expense reports, and invoices/wire requests for service providers and contractors
Internal Coordination and Collaboration
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the administrative, communications and strategy teams
Education and Work Experience
  • 5 years of “C” suite executive administration or related experience in a high-growth, entrepreneurial environment.
  • A four-year degree or equivalent in business, science or liberal arts background.
  • Proven track record in the following areas:
    • Focus on achieving positive, concrete results contributing to the organizations success.
    • Can work in an environment where there is role overlap, ambiguity and at times, conflicting points of view.
    • Works constantly to find the most effective way to achieve intended results.
    • Works efficiently and diligently on the task at hand, putting in whatever time and effort is needed to do an excellent job.
    • Recognizes quickly when the progress towards results is slowing or stalling and takes immediate action to get back on track.
    • Accepts difficult goals or assignments and gets right to work.
    • Perseveres in drive for results even when faced with difficulties and setbacks.
Customer Service Focus
  • Approach the job with a focus on providing excellent customer service – the executives and the rest of the team are the primary focus, while colleagues and ancillary partners also deserve the highest level of service excellence
  • Clearly advocate for and facilitate what the executives are attempting to achieve, using a collaborative approach
  • Take time to understand what people within the team’s respective networks are asking for and help prioritize and respond to these requests
  • Build and maintain relationships – and constantly strive to improve on your service
  • Responsive and able to juggle shifting priorities and manage change 
Written and Verbal Communication
  • Meeting planning, briefing and coordination
  • Ability to process/respond to a high volume of email and phone calls with clarity and accuracy
  • Ability to distill complex information into simple, consumable concepts
  • Ability to compose executive correspondence
  • Ability to design and implement organized, consistent processes and systems
  • Respond to critical messages right away with same-day turnaround for top priority requests
  • Same-day responsiveness to less urgent requests providing time-frame for an answer or solution
  • Meet all deadlines or ask for a reasonable extension in advance of the deadline
  • Accessible on nights/weekends as needed
Confidentiality and Trustworthiness
  • Proven track record of working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that demands professionalism, discretion and confidentiality
  • Demonstrated attention to detail while maintaining a focus on the big picture
  • Provide the “right amount” of detail/context
  • If something goes awry own up to it and move on
Technical Skills
  • Expertise in PowerPoint
  • Proficient in using MS Outlook, Word, OneNote and Excel
  • Project management and facilitation
  • Expert at booking travel online for some trips and partnering with a travel agent for others
  • Event planning and execution
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